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    Home Travel in Shaanxi Famen Temple (法門寺)
    Famen Temple (法門寺)
    Travel in Shaanxi

    FaMen Temple

    Famen Temple?(法門寺) is a Buddhism Temple located around 120 kilometer west of Xian city. The temple is famous for housing the Buddhist relics of Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism.

    treasre in Famen templeAccording to the Buddhist records, Famen Temple was originally built during the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220) to store the holy Finger Bone of the Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism. The temple became the royal temple in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and emperors of the Tang Dynasty came to worship the Finger Bone many times. In 874, the Finger Bone was buried in the Underground Palace under the Famen Temple Pagoda with many royal oblations, and the secret of the treasures were kept for thousands of years. In 1987, the Underground Palace was found by archaeologists when they were trying to rebuild the Fanmen Temple Pagoda. The sovereign Finger Bone as well as two thousand precious cultural relics of the Tang Dynasty finally came back to the world!

     relics of SakyamuniFor better preservation of these rare treasures, Famen Temple Museum was built in 1989.Golden and silver wares, glass, china, stone and iron wares, wood, genuine pearls, jades and many kinds of drygoods are housed in it. Among all the treasures, a gold-plating Buddhist abbot's staff with a length of 1.96 meters (6.43 ft) is the oldest and biggest Buddhist object ever found. It also includes 13 pieces of royal china that could not be made today because the techniques of making them have already disappeared.

    Since the treasures are in huge quantity and great quality, Famen Temple is really a must-see for both visitors and pilgrims!

    Phone Number: 0917-5254002
    Web site: http://www.famensi.com/
    Opening Hours: 8:00am--18:00pm
    Recommended Time for a Visit: Three hours
    Bus Route: Take Tourism Bus No. 2 at the Railway Station
    Admission Fee: Famen Temple CNY 28
    ?????????????????????? Famen Temple Museum CNY 50 (Mar. to Nov.) CNY 30 (Dec. to Feb.)
    Address: Famen Town of Fufeng County, about 120 kilometers west of? Xi'an

    Travel Tips:
    Wear casually with comfortable sports shoes and pay attention to the climate in Xian.

    ?????????????????????????????? (clike here to view map)


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